The Pampered Mama

The Pampered Mama

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Figuring out life with a new little one can be overwhelming. Your brain is consumed with caring for an infant, sleep is hard to come by, and you are giving 100% of yourself to this new addition to the family. The Pampered Mama was designed to help make new mama feel like herself again. 

Included are:

  • Bed Buddy's lavender At Home Wrap, a natural way to relieve sore muscles and aching joints. Fragranced with essential oils and natural herbs. These wraps can be microwaved for warmth, or stored in the freezer to use as a cold compress. 
  • Zandra Beauty's Sugar Body Scrub (8oz.) and Artisan Soap Bar (6oz.) in a refreshing lemon tea tree scent. These products help support Zandra's mission of empowering females through education - and they smell heavenly! Positive & uplifting messaging to lift mom's spirits if needed. 
  • 2 mystery colors of nailpolish for her in-home mani/pedi
  • 1 sparkly lip gloss to brighten her day 

Each box is packed with care, and includes a handwritten note to let her know that you are thinking of her.