The New Dad

The New Dad

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New dads are faced with the pressure to care for baby and mama. It's easy to overlook his needs during this transitional time, and he deserves support too! While he's waking up at all hours to help out at home, he may also have to face that work-life balance all too soon, as most fathers don't have any paternity leave to speak of. 

You can show your love for dad with these simple and fun items in our New Dad gift box:

  • our 20 oz. glass French press coffee maker, to make a strong and flavorful brew when both mom and dad need it most
  • 4 oz. of our delicious fair- trade dark roast coffee
  • 5 oz. of premium cranberry trail mix, for those hours when he's up in the middle of the night with baby
  • A pair of the brightest BOLD socks we could find for Dad's tired feet
  • 6 oz. Cremo Facial Wash - a dye and fragrance-free product to help him start the day
Help dad through the postpartum stage by letting him know you appreciate his hard work too.