That one friend...

When you're a first time parent, chances are you have a friend or family member who you rely on for help. 

"Is he supposed to spit up this much?"

"Does his poop look weird?"

"Why does breastfeeding suck right now?"

"Is it normal for me to feel like an insane person?"

---you get my drift. One of my best friends had two boys of her own, and was always willing to lend me an ear when I needed to talk. We would text each other at 6 in the morning, when we both wished we were still sleeping. This friend happens to be an amazing photographer, who helped us with product photos for our business, as well as our newborn baby photos. 

One thing I'll never forget is how gracious she was the morning of our newborn shoot. She showed up at 10am, and we were all a hot mess. My husband and I had been fighting (if I remember clearly, it was over who got the worst night's sleep). Neither of us had showered, and I was definitely not in any mood to get my picture taken. My husband had forgotten about the shoot, and was totally annoyed the moment the doorbell rang. My son was about 2 weeks old, and we were all in the midst of chaos. 

Teale showed up with all of her props, and said, "I know what it's like. Don't worry, you guys look great. No one cares about you in these photos anyway." She then proceeded to tell me a story about how she practically ripped her husband's head off when her first son was a baby, during an argument about taking a pillow from her side of the bed overnight. 

Listen up new parents - there is nothing better than a friend who will be there to support you and listen to all of your crazy. Even better if he or she has wine or beer. Thank you Teale, for all of your support. 

Did I mention she's an amazing photographer? Check out her site at and show her some love! 

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