new parents

Pronounced REH-ko

meaning....Beautiful child
Reiko Palmer Gifts provide products to support new moms and dads anywhere. We've experienced the excitement, fear, love, and loneliness of parenthood, and know firsthand how easy it can be to lose oneself in the chaos of having a child. Every order comes with a custom hand written note card that you design yourself and 
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The Reiko Palmer Blog

Mama Bear

I always thought it was cliche to think of moms as 'mama bears'. After having a child of my own though, the comparison really does resonate.  Bears are wild animals. They are thought of as cuddly and cute, but the...

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the easy way

The Chicago Tribune recently shared an article discussing the difficulties parents face after a c-section birth: Rationally, you know that whether your baby is born the old-fashioned way, or through a c-section surgical procedure, the most important thing is...

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A lack of control. Trusting your instincts. Going with the flow.  My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ. I like to make decisions, strategize, and put everything into an understandable and rational system. I learned that this particular personality type becomes...

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